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Science Fiction Romance Plot Template

Science Fiction Romance Plot Template

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Science Fiction Romance Plot Template

Genre: Science Fiction Romance
Projected Word Count: 50,000
Number of Chapters: 22
Template Length: 19 pages, 7,700 words


Creating a Science Fiction Romance Title and Series Name

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

Title: Should include the word “Alien”. There are some exceptions, but the majority of Science Fiction Romance novels have “Alien” in the title.

  • g. – Taken by the Alien Warrior, Alien Mate, Alien Husband, Claimed by the Alien Commander

Series Name: A <Series Hook> Science Fiction Romance

  • The series hook can include a fictional planet’s name (e.g. Warriors of Vordon) or it could be related to a particular trope (e.g. An Alien Breeders Romance)

POV: Most science fiction romances are written in first person dual POV, however, some are written in third person dual POV. If I was just starting out and wanted to make sure I hit all the usual subgenre expectations, then I’d write in first person dual POV. You can either use first person present or first-person past. To keep the outline simple, I’m using a FMC and a MMC, but obviously you can have two MMCs, two FMCs, MFM, or any other combination of genders).


Sample Blurb Outline - See below for a description of each component

Punchy Tagline

<The MMC wants the FMC for himself>

<Why he’s dirty hot>

<Why she should be afraid of him>

<Conflict she’s feeling toward him>

<She wants to resist him>

<Final impact statement hinting that she’s falling for him and that loving him will destroy her>

The MMC wants the FMC for himself– The female main character is shocked by how much the MMC wants her. He’s possessive and demanding and she secretly loves it.

Why he’s dirty hot – He’s demanding, hotter than any human male could ever hope to be, and he wants to claim her.

Why she’s afraid of him – Everything about him is alien—literally—to her. She doesn’t understand him, his language, his customs, anything, and yet, she wants him.

Conflict she’s feeling toward him – She should want to escape because she’s his prisoner, but the longer she spends time with him, the harder it is to leave. She can’t understand why she’s falling for him.

She wants to resist him But he’s so irresistible that she’s struggling to remember why she wants to leave.

Final impact statement – She’s afraid that if she doesn’t get away from him now, she’ll give her heart to him forever.


Example Blurb

Taken to the Alien Warlord’s bed…

Zargoth captured me during the war between our planets. Now he’ll never let me go.

He keeps telling me that I’ll be his forever, but forever’s a long damn time.

I should be afraid of him, but I can’t stop sneaking peeks at his ripped body and irresistible mouth.

The longer I stay on his planet, the harder it will be for me to leave. He’s trying to do more than claim my body, he’s trying to claim my heart, and if I give it to him, I’ll never be able to return to Earth again.



<First Last Name> - FMC

  • She’s <years old>
    • She’s typically in the younger, more innocent age bracket of 20-30 years old.
  • <description of who she is and what she’s good at>
    • g. She’s an elementary school teacher who loves working with children.
    • g. She has a green thumb and she can grow almost any plant.
  • Reason to like her
    • She’s typically sassy and won’t take shit from anyone, including the big, bad alien warlord.
    • g. She can turn a negative experience into a positive one. She’s optimistic.
  • One of her personal philosophies
    • g. She believes that everyone has some redeemable quality, even gruff and mean alien warlords.
  • She’s single and although she’d like to fall in love at some point, she can’t possibly fall for an alien. She’d have to give up everything she has ever known in order to stay with him on his planet.

<First Name Only> - MMC

  • The alien goes by one first name which is mostly make up of hard consonants. He does not have a last name but he might have a title.
    • g. Dtharl, Ghaix, Dagats, Axuks, Cre’hro
    • g. (with a title) Dtharl, Commander of the Allied Forces of Vun (his planet)
  • END SAMPLE MMC - You will get a complete breakdown of the MMC in the file.

<Additional Characters> - Additional information is included in the file.


  •  The majority of the book takes place on an alien planet
  • The planet needs a name. It should also be very exotic sounding, similar to the MMC’s name.
    • g. Karzon, Hxnor, Zaypax, etc.
  • Make your setting interesting enough to carry a series. Always, always, always write in a series. There are different ways to do it, but you could center your series around a particular planet. So, in book 1, a group of women are kidnapped from Earth. The rest of the series is each woman’s story. This would give you the opportunity for cross overs from other series characters and it would allow the FMCs to interact and discuss their captivity.
  • The planet is super dangerous
    • The planet is filled with weird creatures and dangerous plants.
    • The FMC generally has no idea how dangerous it is, which causes her to make near-deadly mistakes.
    • There are a lot of options for world building. You could make the planet a huge jungle or a sand planet. Or have various zones. The planet could be tidal locked with its star, so half the planet is dangerously cold and uninhabitable while the other half is dangerously low on resources and there is a war going on because of it.

 The Reader’s Primary Question in a Science Fiction Novel: Will the FMC learn to navigate the alien planet and see past the MMC’s gruff exterior long enough to fall in love? 

Plot Outline

Chapter 1: They Meet

Scene 1 (FMC Name - FMC POV)

Goal – Find out what happened after there is a loud bang or crash.

Complication(s) – The FMC is dealing with something in her mundane life that drives her crazy. A jerk for a boss, a meddling relative who constantly asks about her love life, a tight deadline on a book she’s been struggling to write, etc. She’s frustrated and she wonders how her life came to this point. She has a general dissatisfaction with it, but she also thinks she can’t do anything to change it. She’s stuck in her boring, predictable, mundane life. Then suddenly there’s a loud bang, a breaking news alert, or some other indication that something major just happened, but she’s not sure what’s going on yet. She tries to find out what’s going on. She realizes an alien spaceship crashed or landed on earth. She’s terrified. If this is a first-contact situation in your story world, then she would be terrified of the unknown. If alien invasions are a standard part of your story world, then she will be terrified because she knows that aliens love to take human females captive. They do all kinds of horrifying breeding experiments on them. And to make matters worse, the spaceship landed or crashed outside the building she’s currently in.

Choice – Should she try to hide or escape?

Consequences – She tries to hide and/or escape, but she’s captured by an alien. The alien could be the MMC, or it could be one of his soldiers. She’s taken by, or taken to, the alien. He assesses her and she can’t help but feel like he’s aroused by her. She’s partially revolted, but partially surprised because aliens are ripped with bulging muscles. The MMC would be sexy as hell if he hadn’t taken her captive. Too bad they don’t make men like that on earth. And, maybe she’s seeing things, but under that sexy alien outfit (or lack thereof), he looks hung. She’s in a world of trouble and has no idea what he wants, but whatever it is, she’s not about to give it to him.

POV Character’s Feelings – She’s bored and/or frustrated with her life. She longs for adventure, but not like this. She’s terrified of the alien, but also curious. She’s instantly attracted to him, but she’s also revolted by her attraction. She has no idea what’s going to happen next and that scares her more than anything.


Chapter 2: The Alien Reacts to the Human

Scene 1 (MMC Name - MMC POV)

Goal – Take his captive back to his planet.

Complication(s) – The MMC is curious about the FMC. Maybe he’s never seen an Earthling up close. He needs to take her with him because of a particular reason. (e.g. His planet’s females all died, and he needs her to breed. E.g. He demanded tribute from a ruler on Earth and that person didn’t fulfill their obligation, so the alien is taking her as leverage.) She fights like hell and tries to get away. He’s amused. He thought she would be so terrified of him that she wouldn’t dare to fight back. He’s intrigued by her disobedience. (E.g. He’s a warlord who is used to having everyone rush to meet his demands, but she’s refusing to go with him onto his ship.) She might be trouble and he’s not sure if he wants to deal with her. Maybe he should choose someone else.

Choice – Should he leave her or make her go with him?

Consequences – He’s super-alpha and he’s not about to let a human stop him from claiming what he wants. He wants her. It’s been far too long since he’s had a female in his bed, and she’d be just as good as any. The fact that she’s feisty is a bonus. He gets her onto the spaceship, and they leave Earth. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her and he doesn’t like that one bit. She’s already getting under his skin and he doesn’t even know her. He’s going to have to show her who’s boss as soon as they go back to his planet.

POV Character’s Feelings – He’s aroused by her. She’s not what he was expecting. She’s much more exotic. He likes being surprised but doesn’t want his curiosity about her get in the way of his mission.

END SAMPLE - But in the actual outline, you get a chapter by chapter breakdown.